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Sleep, this is something you wouldn’t have been getting a lot of (unless you are one of the lucky ones with a good baby). It is now important that you try to get into more of a routine with your sleep. You will need a good 8 hours sleep to be at your best in the office and still have the energy to come home and interact and play with your baby. Try to share duties with your partner so that you get enough rest to function properly.

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There is no need to feel guilty about leaving your little one with a day care facility, playgroup or baby sitter. It’s the 21st century and most moms need to work to provide for their child – they’ll thank you later! Learn to balance your time with work, baby, partner, friends and house chores. Don’t worry, you are not alone, it is perfectly normal to feel guilty or worried about leaving your baby to return to work but try to remember that you have every weekend and every evenings’ dinner, bath and bed time with your baby. Bath timewith your baby is actually considered some of the best quality time that you can spend together! Remember also that your child will enjoy his/her time with other babies – they have fun at nursery school and learn from each other too!

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Time management is key! Spend the time you need (and are bound) to stay at work and leave all your work worries in the office when you leave at the end of the day. Time is precious and shouldn’t be spent harping on the things that worry you. Take time to play with your baby and enjoy the pure joy of having your child with you during the evenings and on weekends. Sometimes a game or nap with your baby just has to take preference over a load of washing (we don’t see any moms complaining about this)!

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The Future

Bear in mind that one day (in the not too distant future) your “baby” will have to attend school and will therefore be away for most of the day regardless of whether or not you are back at work. It is vital that you make a life for yourself so that you don’t get the “baby blues” or “empty nest syndrome” when you are left at home with no children. Your mental health in the future is just as important to your child as the quality time you spend together today!

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