Discover a world of benefits with co-sleeping

Co-sleeping has become a hot topic. Truth is, many moms had been doing this for years without an actual term applied to it. It’s proven that we have a biological urge to be near our newborns – and it makes perfect sense. 

So what exactly is co-sleeping?

Put simply, co-sleeping is the term used for sleeping in close proximity to the child, be it in the same bed, an ‘inner bed’ or a side co-sleeping attachment cot like the Next2Me crib.

Sometimes a bed in the same room is also considered co-sleeping, but for the most part we refer to it when baby is in arms reach.


Co-sleeping has huge advantages which are becoming more recognised as we fumble our way around this thing called parenting.

Babies sleep better

Assurance and proximity is noticed even at the newborn stage of a child’s life.

Parents sleep better

Assurance that baby is safe and slumber can be maintained during breastfeeding and soothing.

Breastfeeding is easier

Within arm’s reach, night feeding when both mom and baby are still in slumber are good for both, as well as keeping both ready to fall back asleep. It also helps moms milk supply when there is a constant flow.

Independence without separation

Parents still maintain the sanctuary of their own bed while baby learns safe independence without being separated.

Reduction of cot death cases

Having your baby nearby in the event of SIDS or cot death helps reduce cases by up to 50%.

What is the best co-sleeper?

There are now several co-sleepers on the market and getting a good one is vital.

At Chicco we are proud to have been the first baby products company to come up with the innovative side-sleeping crib – The Next2Me.

Now available in a variety of different models from the standard Next2Me to the Next2Me Magic and more recently, the Next2Me Forever, it has fast become one of the most requested baby shower items from our Chicco catalogue.

Perfect for first-time moms especially, it is a convenient way to have baby nearby and sleep easily knowing you are providing baby with the best start.

The Next2Me co-sleeper fits alongside any make or model of bed. With a one-handed approach to opening the side panel, it can be placed right next to mom for instant access to baby. Tilt the crib so you can see baby better and opt for the Air range with ventilated sides if living in a warmer climate.

The Next2Me Forever takes the co-sleeping concept and extends its life for 4 years by encompassing innovation that turns it into a conventional crib afterwards and then a Montessori-inspired floor bed for toddlers.

All Next2Me cribs come with a firm mattress to give baby the best possible sleep.

Written by Chicco Staff

Apr 2021

Featured Products

Next2Me Forever – Moon Grey

The 4-year baby sleeping solution – exclusive to Chicco.
Next2Me Forever is designed to allow you to sleep safely next to your baby without sharing the same bed.
As recommended by baby experts, the extended dimensions and one-hand easy opening and closing barrier mechanism was designed to use as a co-sleeping solution for longer than standard co-sleepers in the market.
The Next2Me Forever is equipped with wider netted sides to improve air flow around the crib, with additionally enhanced visibility into the crib.
From co-sleeper to crib to Montessori-inspired floor bed.
Ensure better sleep for babies and parents in this innovative new design.

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