How to choose the right car seat for your infant

Whether you’re expecting your very first baby or shopping for a lively toddler, every Chicco car seat is engineered for comfort, safety, and peace of mind. World-class innovation and user-friendly touchpoints make Chicco car seats reassuringly easy to install, making every ride that much safer. With every Chicco car seat vigorously tested at the Chicco Observatory in Italy as well as being certified for each territory, you can be guaranteed safety, comfort with that little bit of Italian flair too.

    In South Africa is it law to have your baby in a car seat until at least 3 year of age. When leaving the hospital with your newborn, responsible nurses will check if you have a car seat in your car. While we are one of the more relaxed global territories, many parents still like their toddler to remain in a car seat as they grow. Many car seats can expand to become toddler booster seats that can see small children up to 1.5m being safely strapped in on the road.
    What is isofix? Isofix is a mechanical installation solution that comes with select car seats. It can only be used if your car has isofix adaptors, Most modern cars are made with them and they can be found by placing your hand in between the back and the seating part of your back seats. They will feel like two metal prongs.
    Seatbelt installation uses your cars own seat belts to wrap around certain components of the car seat, keeping it snuggly in place.

    Age groups

    Shopping for a baby car seat can be an overwhelming experience, particularly with all the different age groups and functionality they now offer. Follow this easy guide to understand what you need for your child’s ages and stages.

    Gro 0+

    This is always a rear-facing car seat that is either installed with car seats, isofix connectors or both. Some car seats offer swivel abilities to enable you to use the car seat as the child grows, other Gro 0+ car seats remain rear-facing only to allow for travel system compatibility. Gro 0+ car seats are the only car seat that is compatible with a stroller travel system. Some Gro 0+ car seats are available with a base that remains in the car to allow the seat to be removed with an easy click in/click out motion to place the seat in the travel system when the newborn is sleeping peacefully.

    Average max weight of use: 9-13kgs

    Cosmos Car Seat GR0+1 – Black Night

    The Chicco Cosmos car seat will take care of your baby on a 4-year journey. Cosmos is the Chicco Group 0 + / 1 car seat designed for transporting children up to 18 kg in weight in cars, approved according to ECE R44 / 04. The reducer cushion provides protection for the little ones, while the wide and welcoming seat snuggly holds older children. The comfort and reclining abilities guarantee an exceptional comfort in every phase of the growth.

    Suitable for front and rear-facing. Installation with seat belts. Best-selling non-isofix car seat from Chicco.

    12 months guarantee.

    Kaily Car Seat

    The Chicco Kaily car seat is a new Group 0+ car seat that is homologated for babies up to 13kgs.

    The car seat is the perfect travel ally for little ones who will be rear-facing for the first couple of years of their lives. With standard seat-belt installation on the Kaily base, it is a safe and reliable car seat that will click into the base in the car, providing a sophisticated and easy travel experience.

    Compatible with base for the Best Friend stroller and without a base for the Multi-Ride stroller to make convenient travel systems A safe and reliable way to travel with your little one.

    12 month guarantee.


    Gro 0+/1/2

    This is a car seat category that is flexible and grows with the child. It starts with a rear-facing mechanism for newborns, usually supported by a newborn reducer to keep smaller babies snug. They are installed with either Isofix or seat-belts and as they babygrows the car seat is reinstalled or swivelled to face forward and adjusted to the size of the child.
    It is a solid car seat that is not compatible with a travel system and will remain fixed in the vehicle.

    Average max weight capacity: 18-25kgs

    Sirio 012 Car Seat

    Sirio is the brand new car seat from Chicco that is perfect for babies from 0-25kgs. Starting their rear-facing journey with seat belt installation and a snug newborn reducer to keep the extra safe, the car seat evolves as they grow. Once baby is ready to begin front-facing, the car seat will then be installed with isofix connectors, or indeed remain using seat belts as installation method. Based on the model of one of Chicco’s best-selling car seats, the Seat Up, the Sirio is guaranteed to be the ultimate in safety and comfort for your baby. Extra padded and fully reclining to make long trips a breeze.

    Seat-up 012 Car Seat – Jet Black

    Safe, stylish and practical, the Chicco Seat Up 012 car seat  is the traveling companion that transforms driving with baby into an amazing journey.  Seat Up is approved as Group 0 + / 1 / 2 according to the ECE R44 / 04 regulation for the transport by car of children from birth up to 25 kg.

    The car seat welcomes the new-born baby with a reducer and accompanies them on the journey of growth up to 6 years of age. With Seat Up you have 3 seats in one. Group 0+: installation with 3-point car belts (universal). Group 1: installation with 3-point car belts (universal) or installation with Isofix system (universal). Group 2: installation with the 3-point seat belts of the car (universal) or installation with the 3-point seat belts and the Top Tether (semi-universal).

    Rear-facing with seat-belts, front-facing with Isofix.

    12 month guarantee.

    Gro 0+/1/2/3

    A 4-in-1 car seat that is a wise investment in the sense that you will not have to buy your child another seat. It lasts from newborn to approximately 12 years of age and starts in the rear-facing position, installed with seat belts or isofix, or both. It will then swivel to face forward and grow with the child. These have gained in terms of popularity due to their cost effectiveness and they often come with additional features such as Side Impact Safety and luxury padding.

    Average max weight capacity: 36kgs

    Unico Car Seat

    Unico is homologated as Gr. 0+/1/2/3 (0-36kgs). A car seat for a whole life. It is the first Chicco car seat that accompanies little ones from birth to 12 years. It offers the perfect combination of safety, comfort and convenience. In all configurations the installation has to be done with Isofix connectors and 3-point vehicle belt to ensure maximum safety and stability. A padded reducer provides additional protection for tiny babies. There is also the Side Safety System to ensure best practice in case of lateral impacts.

    Seat4Fix Car Seat

    Seat 4 Fix Group 0/1/2/3 Car Seat provides complete seating for your little one during all four stages – from birth up to 36 kg. It enables comfortable and secured seating in the rear (0-18 kg) and front-facing position, thanks to its rotating base.

    A durable shell equipped with an additional removable Side Safety System ensures exceptional protection in a case of the side impact. The recline feature with 3 available positions, offers maximum support during long trips. Seat 4 Fix is outfitted with soft padded headrest and a 5-point harness, which adjust simultaneously, as well as an additional removable mini cushion to embrace little passengers in a snug hug. Harness and cushion can be easily detached and hidden away while your child grows enough to use a 3-point vehicle seat belt. The belt positioner in the 2/3 Group provides the best lap belt settings to protect the child’s abdominals.

    This car seat offers safer, easier and faster installation with Isofix system and top tether strap. It can be also fitted with a 3-point car belt, which makes this seat more versatile in use. The red belt guides will help you to settle the seat in your vehicle in the correct manner.

    12 month guarantee.

    Gro 1/2/3

    These are car seats that often replace a Gro 0+ car seat once the child is approximately 9-13kgs. They are front-facing only and usually installed with a choice of isofix or seat-belts.

    Average max weight capacity: 9-36kgs

    Akita Fix Air 123 Car Seat (Black)

    The Akita Fix Air 123 is a comfortable and safe solution for children that have grown out of their Gro 0+ travel system car seat and now requite a front-facing car seat. The Air range uses breathable fabrics for better ventilation across all our car seats and select lines of indoor baby furniture.The Akita can be installed in your car in several different ways. The easiest installation option is the fixed connection with the vehicle seat using the Isofix connectors and top tether. Alternatively, you can also install the child car seat by using your car’s own 3-point seat belt. To do this, you simply have to follow the belt positions displayed.

    For the first few years (from approx. 9 months to 4 years) your child is to be fastened by using the built-in belt system. The belts and the headrest should always be perfectly adapted to the size of your child. The Chicco Akita Fix can be adjusted simultaneously with just one movement. A seat reducer provides a supportive and comfortable cushion for smaller children.

    From the age of 4, your child is tall enough to be buckled up with your car’s own seat belt. The built-in belt system of the child car seat can be dismantled easily – that way, the Chicco Akita Fix can be transformed into a group 2/3 child car seat in no time at all. An additional belt positioner ensures the best possible positioning of the lap belt.

    Equipped with a side impact protection system for maximum protection, the comfy and elegant Chicco Akita Fix will convince the whole family and remain a loyal companion – for many years.

    Youniverse ISOfix Car Seat GR1/2/3 – Jet Black

    The group 1/2/3 car seat that allows your baby to safely grow from 12 months to around 12 years.
    Youniverse Fix is approved for children between the weights of 9-36kgs. A faithful and reliable ally for your traveling adventures with your little one, the Youniverse is one of the most trustworthy car seats on the market. Installation with seat belts or Isofix. Front-facing only. Italian style and comfort.
    12 month guarantee.

    Booster Seats

    A seat that is designed only for toddlers and older children that offers that little bit of an extra boost to the height with their own seatbelt protection as opposed to the a traditional safety harness.

    Average max weight capacity: 36kgs

    Oasys 2-3 Fixplus Evo Car Seat – Jet Black

    The child safety seat Oasys 2-3 Evo FixPlus that grows with your child now features a new level of safety – the new Safe Pad.
    The perfect booster seat for toddlers.
    Group 2/3
    Suitable for children weighting between 15 kg and 36 kg (From 3 – 12 years)
    Installing the Chicco child safety is easy and done in only a few steps by using your vehicle’s own 3-point belt which makes is perfectly suitable for being installed in almost every vehicle type. In order to gain even more safety and security for your child, you can attach the rigid FixPlus connectors to the Isofix-points in your vehicle.

    No matter when or how fast your little one grows, the Oasys 2-3 Fixplus Evo car seat always adapts perfectly to your child’s body size.
    Both height and width can be adjusted independently of each other by using a convenient rotary wheel.
    At the touch of a button, you can adjust the backrest and seat surface in four different levels until a comfortable position for your little one is created.
    The integrated cup holder keeps refreshing beverages safe and easy to reach.
    In case your little crumb-snatcher spills something by accident, you can easily remove and wash the easy-to-clean cover at 30°C.

    Fold & Go iSize

    With new car seat safety regulations, the Fold & Go is the first Chicco car seat that uses the iSize regulation height, rather than weight.  For children from 100cm upwards (estimated 3 years), the Fold & Go is a booster seat that is compact and can fold down so small you can pop it in the boot of the car.  Padded for side safety, the Fold & Go is an isofix and seat belt installed car seat.  The first car seat of its kind in terms of foldability.

    Quasar Car Booster Seat – Moon

    Quasar Plus is the Chicco Group 2/3 child seat approved according to the ECE R44 / 04 regulations for the carriage of children weighing between 15 and 36 kg. It is installed using the car’s three-point belt and is equipped with a belt guide to correctly position the diagonal belt.

    Boosts the child comfortably and safely. 12 month guarantee.