In the first few months of life, baby’s immune system is still low and therefore everything that comes into contact with his mouth must be cleaned and sanitised.

Teats, dummies and even small games/toys or objects that the child instinctively brings to his mouth could be a vehicle for infections, especially intestinal ones or those of the oral cavity. Sterilisation of baby’s toys and accessories is thus advised during the first few months (don’t forget that all baby’s things should be washed with soap and water and thoroughly rinsed before being sterilised).

Chicco offer two sterilisers to help mom with this task and ensure that everything is properly sterilised and safe for her baby. The first of these sterilisers is the Microwave Steam Steriliser and the second is the Sterilnatural 2 in 1 Electric Steam Steriliser (follow the links above to view these sterilisers online or read further below).

Chicco Hygiene - All Well Sterilised
chicco microwave steam steriliser


The Chicco Microwave Steam Steriliser sterilises up to five Well Being Bottles (250ml) and four Step up Bottles at a time and the best part is, it only takes five minutes (840w)! This steriliser is compatible with all microwaves and allows you to keep feeding bottles sterilised for up to 24 hours! Read more

chicco steril natural 2 in 1 steam steriliser


The Sterilnatural 2 in 1 Electric Steam Steriliser is practical and effective and sterilises up to six bottles. It is adjustable in size, it is possible to choose from two configurations: Full size – Electric and Compact – Electric. Depending on the number of items you need sterilised you can adjust the size/configuration accordingly. Read more

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